Could painting your roof white save you money?
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You may have heard the theory that light colours can reflect heat and dark colours can absorb it. Greek civilisations have long painted their buildings white in order to reflect the heat of the sun. But does this theory apply to painting the roofs of buildings? Project management group, Programmed, have teamed up with paint manufacturer, Dulux, along with a major university in a study designed to answer this very question.

Using Dulux’s Cool Roof (a product designed to keep roofs cool) temperatures recorded in the roof space of a building during the Melbourne summer were 26⁰C. This was compared to the roof space of a building with a metal roof, which was recorded at 43⁰C. These results equated to a 28% saving on cooling costs. However, the actual saving to an energy bill would vary depending on factors such as where you live, length of summer and amount of exposure to the roof.

Unfortunately, during winter months it was found that the white paint would continue to reflect heat. This led to an increase in heating energy costs of approximately 12%. Therefore the study did conclude that the white paint was a very effective way of reflecting heat from roofs and reducing energy costs during summer. However due to its reflective properties it had a counter effect during the winter in relation to energy costs. It is still possible that painting your roof white can save money on energy bills in the long run, especially in areas that experience long hot summers and the roof space has high exposure to direct sunlight.

Article sourced from Programmed.


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