Audi has found a way to make diesel from air and water
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German car manufacture, Audi, may have struck a breakthrough in the race to find a more energy efficient and environmentally friendly fuel. Audi, in conjunction with clean-tech company Sunfire, have created what they call a ‘carbon-neutral diesel fuel’ or e-diesel. Essentially, e-diesel is created in a 3 stage process which begins by splitting water into oxygen and pure hydrogen using reverse electrolysis. The hydrogen is then mixed with carbon monoxide from the carbon dioxide in the atmosphere which at high temperatures, creates long-chain hydrocarbons called ‘blue crude’. These can then be refined into biodiesel.

It is said the e-diesel can be mixed with existing fuels but also has the ability to power a car on its own. Sunfire has stated that the e-diesel is 70% energy efficient and actually produces superior combustion to fossil fuels. Sunfire’s Chief Technology Officer Christian von Olshausen also believes that compared the traditional fuels “the engine runs quieter and fewer pollutants are being created,”

Sunfire’s pilot plant (located in Dresden, Germany) is reported to be producing 160 litres of the fuel per day over the coming months. These are small numbers but Germany’s Federal Minister of Education and Research, Johanna Wanka, already has her Audi A8 powered by e-diesel. However it may be some time before e-diesel becomes a viable economical option at the pumps.

To learn more about e-diesel, see the video below courtesy of Sunfire.



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