Tesla leading the way in energy storage technology
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tesla powerwall


American automotive company, Tesla Motors, is leading the way in energy storage for both home and business uses. Tesla already distributes more lithium-ion batteries around the world than any other company through its fully electric cars, the Model S. They are now taking orders for lithium-ion battery packs designed to store electricity for residential and business purposes.

The Powerwall, a wall mounted solar charged battery, is designed for home use. It is comprised of Tesla’s lithium-ion battery pack, liquid thermal control system and software which communicates with a solar inverter. The Powerwall is integrated with the local grid and can harness excess power from solar panels rather than having to sell that energy back to the grid. The Powerwall can be used to store energy during the day when demand is low then use it to power a home at night when demand is higher. Stored energy could also be used during power cuts as a backup supply.

The Powerpack is designed for businesses with a larger energy demand. It is a 100 kWh tower that can be up scaled infinitely. Tesla Motors CEO Elon Musk has even suggested that the Powerpack system could potentially power a whole city.

Mr Musk believes there will be a shift in the energy market saying that “What we’ll see is something similar to what happened with cell phones versus landlines, where the cell phones actually leapfrog the landlines and there wasn't a need to put landlines in a lot of countries or in remote locations,". He predicts that people in remote locations will only need solar panels combined with the Tesla Powerwall with no need for electricity lines.

While it is believed that Tesla’s batteries could help households achieve complete independence from the electric utility grid, they may also help ease the pressure on utilities and allow them to create a more resilient grid.

Tesla will begin shipping the Powerwall in the next few months but demand has already been so high that orders up until 2016 have been filled.

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