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'Poo Bus' breaks land speed record

poo bus


British Transport Company, Reading Buses, have recently broken a land speed record in Bedfordshire, England. The top speed of 123.5 km/h was clocked by a service bus, which is quite fast for a bus. Somewhat more amazingly however is that the bus is powered by poo, cow poo to be exact.

Specifically, the bus runs on a biomethane-compressed natural gas, also known as biogas. The gas is produced in a bioreactor by bacteria which digest the cow manure. The biogas is then collected, compressed and liquefied. It is at this stage that it is transferred to the bus’s 7 storage tanks located in the roof. The liquefied biomethane is so similar to compressed natural gas that very little modifications need to be made to the bus in order for it to operate.

The advantage of using biogas is that it is cleaner and more environmentally friendly than petrol or natural gas. One reason for this is biomethane being recycled rather than being released into the atmosphere as a toxic greenhouse gas.

Chief Engineer at Reading Buses, John Bickerton, said that one of the reasons for the land speed display was to change the image of bus transportation from being “…dirty, smelly and slow” to “…modern, fast, and at the cutting edge of innovation.” The display was also a chance to change the minds of people who may initially view the use of excrement for fuel as ‘gross’.

To see the ‘Poo Bus’ in action, see the video below.



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