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Cyber security becoming an increasingly important issue



In recent times cyber security problems have intensified and the threat appears to be growing fast. Over the past 12 months Australia has experienced a 37% jump in cyber attacks against the country. In a recent cyber security conference, Defence Minister Kevin Andrew stated that malicious cyber activity was likely to be the most persistent transnational security challenge that Australia will face. “Offensive cyber attacks are a direct threat to the Australian Defence Force’s war fighting ability given the ADF’s reliance on information networks,” Mr Andrews said.

Many experts believe that the best way forward in the fight against cyber attacks is for cyber security companies to cooperate with each other as well as with government bodies, sharing intelligence about threats. A group of cyber security companies has formed together under the Cyber Threat Alliance with the intention of trading information about malicious users and potentially partnering with government sectors. McAfee, Symantec, Palo Alto Networks and Fortinet form part of the Cyber Threat Alliance and there are a host of other firms potentially joining soon.

Having security firms collaborate in this manner has been difficult in the past due to a reluctance to share commercial intellectual property. However in the case of the Cyber Threat Alliance, a show of force between security firms makes them more appealing to government agencies. A working relationship with the government can allow cyber security companies access to valuable information regarding cyber criminal organisations and other cyber hackers. On the other hand, governments can also gain information and tools from security firms to boost their own cyber defence systems. These alliances between security firms and government bodies can prove beneficial to both parties and in the long run, provide better security against cyber attacks to clients and everyday people.

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