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Nationwide wide ban on hoverboards, for now

hoverboard ban


As of March 19th hoverboards, or self-balancing scooters, are banned across Australia for 60 days until further action can be decided. The ban has come as a response to safety concerns over the devices and the potential fire hazard they present. This follows a number of house fires in Australia which are linked to battery explosions caused by charging faulty hoverboard units.

Concerns over safety had previously prompted Victoria’s consumer affairs minister Jane Garrett to write a letter to Assistant Treasurer Kelly O’Dwyer outlining the dangers of hoverboards and requesting that they be banned nationwide (click here for more).

The ban in Australia comes only two days after the United States also banned the devices due to patent claims by Segway over other overseas suppliers. The Australian ban applies to hoverboards with batteries and battery control systems which don’t meet safety requirements.

Kelly O’Dwyer had this to say on the ban, “The ACCC has advised of four house fires in Australia directly linked to hoverboards resulting in the destruction of two houses. Specifically, the ACCC’s investigation found there are fire safety risks from defective charging devices, electrical circuitry and substandard lithium-ion batteries in hoverboards. The interim ban sets out the safety requirements for batteries and battery control systems that hoverboards must meet in order to be sold in Australia.”

The ban applies to manufacturer and suppliers and is not a product recall as of now. The ACC is expected to consult with hoverboard suppliers and other experts so that products sold following the ban will meet safety standards. Current owners of hoverboards are advised not to charge or use the devices without supplier confirmation that safety standards have been met.

For more information about hoverboard safety standards click the link.

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