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Uber and other ride-booking services now legal in Queensland

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Ride-booking services such as Uber can now operate legally in Queensland under changes to the personalised transport regulation which were rolled out in early September. Regulation changes also aim to level the playing field for taxi and limousine drivers who are competing with ride-booking services.

"These reforms give Queenslanders more choice, will drive competition and innovation across the whole industry and deliver a more flexible and modern personalised transport system that can keep pace with future changes," said QLD Transport Minister the Hon Stirling Hinchliffe MP. Mr Hinchliffe added that transport regulation reform had been highlighted by changing customer expectations. "As a result of the reforms Queenslanders will have a wider range of affordable travel options, and the industry will benefit from less red tape and costs,” Mr Hinchliffe said.

Other changes to the personalised transport regulation include safety measures which will see ride-booking vehicles being required to show appropriate identification signage. New ride-booking drivers will also need to obtain a Taxi Driver Authorisation, which will then transition to the new Booked Hire/Taxi (BHTX) Driver Authorisation category. The BHTX Driver Authorisation will combine all personalised drivers such as taxi, limousine and ride-booking drivers into one category.

Despite the promise of a level playing field from the Queensland government, the reforms have been met with opposition from many local cab drivers. Over 200 cab drivers and their supporters recently staged a protest outside State Parliament accusing the Queensland Government of selling them out.

For more information on the personalised transport reforms click here.

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