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Australia's threatened plants & animals receive $5 million funds boost



The Australian Threatened Species Day was marked earlier this month (7th September) by a $5 million fund boost from the Federal Government towards the preservation and protection of vulnerable native flora and fauna. This year, Threatened Species Day represented 80 years since the Tasmanian Tiger became extinct in 1936 which now serves as an all too real reminder of what can happen if no action is taken.

The $5 million fund will be dedicated to supporting local communities and programs in their efforts to protect and recover native wildlife and plant species. Existing partnerships with the Green Army, National Landcare Programme and Commonwealth national parks estate will be bolstered with the fund. Federal Environment Minister Greg Hunt said in a statement, "Protecting our vulnerable wildlife is not a task that governments can do alone, we can only be successful by working in partnership with all levels of government, the private sector and the community.”

Gilberts Potoroo (pictured above), the world’s rarest marsupial, will receive $250,000 in funding through the Gilberts Potoroo Action Group. It was thought that this Potoroo was extinct until 1994 when a small population was discovered in Western Australia. However it is estimated that only 30-40 individuals currently exist in the wild. The Cassowary, Golden Bandicoot, Mahogany Glider and Eastern Curlew will also receive funding through various protection efforts.

Also set to receive funding are 30 priority species of plants which will be targeted for recovery under the Governments Threatened Species Strategy. Included in the list of priority plants is the Ant Plant, Fairy bells, Kakadu hibiscus and Silver gum.

For more information on the Government’s Threatened Species Strategy click here.
For more information on the 30 priority plants species included the full list click here.

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