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Illuminated zebra crossings could prevent accidents

zebra xing


Pedestrian crossings, or zebra crossing as they are sometimes known, can often be hazardous especially at times of low visibility such as during fog or after dark. However a new innovation from the Netherlands makes pedestrian crossings easier to see by replacing light-reflecting paint with illuminated light strips.

Netherlands company Lighted Zebra Crossing has developed heavy duty plates fitted LED lights which can replace the white painted stripes on a pedestrian crossing. Each plate measures 200cm x 50cm so in most cases two plates are used for each stripe of the crossing. The result is bright illumination of not only the crossing but also the pedestrians walking across it.

Currently there are two versions of the Lighted Zebra Crossing (the company and product share the same name). One can be embedded into brick surfaces, the other affixed directly onto asphalt roads. The long-lasting LED lights can be powered through the existing street light system for with solar panels. These lights can be turned on and off by local authorities at their demand and require no daily maintenance. Additionally each crossing is fitted with sensors that can monitor the number of passing vehicles, their speed and also the number of pedestrians.

The first crossing was installed in the Dutch village of Eerbeek in November last year after a 12 month test period for durability. The test case was installed near a transport company which saw around 250 fully loaded trucks making daily trips over the crossing. This was equivalent to 2,500,000 cars travelling over the crossing. There are plans for further installations to be made across the Netherlands in the near future.

Watch the video below to see the Lighted Zebra Crossing in action.


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