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Dubai to launch futuristic hover-taxis within months



Flying cars may be one step closer after the news that Dubai will be launching the world’s first hover-taxis as early as July this year. A hover-taxi was on display during the World Government Summit in Dubai earlier this year. Since then, officials from the Dubai Transport Authority have confirmed that the vehicle on display was not just a model and that they aimed to have the hover-taxis operational within months.

The hover vehicle known as the EHang 184 looks almost like an oversized drone and in a way that’s not too inaccurate. The quadcopter is propelled by 8 propellers and is actually made by Chinese drone manufacturer EHang. Each vehicle is around 1.5 metres tall and weighs approximately 200 kilograms. The EHang 184 uses self-driving technology to transport one single passenger at a time. It will be able to reach speeds of 100km/h at an altitude of around 300 metres.

During its operation as a taxi in Dubai, each hover vehicle will make trips from a set list of destinations, up to approximately 16 kilometres away, which will take around 30 minutes. Self-driving technology is used to make the trip simple for passengers. "Passengers don't need to learn how to fly it, they don't need get to a pilot's license," says EHang co-founder Derrick Xiong. "They just need to press a button and then it vertically takes off, flies from point A to point B, and lands."

Those concerned about safety need not worry as the EHang uses a fail-safe system that can sense if there are any faulty or damaged components and automatically itself to avoid danger. A command centre will also monitor every vehicle 24 hours a day and make decisions on whether or not to fly the hover-taxis in bad weather.

The world will be watching the progress of the EHang 184 closely as hover-vehicles present a solution to the ever growing problem of traffic congestion. Whether or not we will see them in Australian skies any time soon remains to be seen. To see the Ehang 184 in action check out the video below.



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