London shoppers create electricity by walking in city oasis
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Pavegen walkway in Bird Street, London (Credit: Pavegen)

What was once a grey and dull street connecting Oxford and Barrett Street in London has now become a showcase for clean, green city living and an oasis for shoppers. Bird Street, just off the very busy shopping zone of Oxford Street, is now a pilot for some innovative technologies which could change the way pedestrian streets are designed and looked at in the future.

One of the big features of the new look Bird Street is the electricity-generating pavement known as Pavegen. As pedestrians walk on the pavement, the tiles move up and down vertically. This causes a rotation in an electromagnetic generator which in turn creates an electrical current. The electricity can be used instantaneously and is currently used to power a bird song on the street as well as light the street lamps at night.

Pedestrians can even track the electricity they are producing whilst walking using a smartphone app which connects to Pavegen via Bluetooth. The electricity produced by a person could lead to rewards in the way of discounts and vouchers for the local retail shops.

ClearAir Bench converts polluted air into clean air which is pumped out of the sides and armrests (Credit: Airlabs)

Bird Street also features a bench which converts polluted air into clean air, creating a clean and healthy environment for shoppers to grab some rest. The shops themselves also contribute to cleaning the air as they are coated in a paint which breaks down pollution into innocuous salts that get blown away in the wind. The shops also sell sustainable products such as fresh food and vintage clothing.


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