Australian Government releases terrorism security strategy
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crowded places strategy


The threat of terrorism is very real as we have seen with attacks occurring in major cities including Paris, London, Berlin and Barcelona. Crowded places such shopping centres, malls, concerts and sporting events will continue to be targets for terrorists. Australia is not invulnerable to such attacks as a number of planned terrorist plots have been foiled by Australian law enforcement and intelligence agencies.

Despite Australia’s strong history of stopping terrorist attacks there is no room for complacency. As Malcom Turnbull states in a media release, “When it comes to security, there is no place for set and forget. We continue to re-evaluate our arrangements and strengthen them based on changes to the threat environment.”

Australia’s Strategy for Protecting Crowded Places from Terrorism has been developed in a partnership between states and territories, local government, police and the private sector. The aim of the strategy is to make crowded places in which Australians work and visit more resilient to terrorism. A strong partnership between government and private sectors will be key to the success of the strategy.

Owners and operators of crowded places are responsible for protecting their sites including the people that work, use and visit their site. The strategy will serve as a ‘how to guide’ for owners and operators and will provide guidance on where to go for terrorist threat information and provide an overview of effective protective security practices.

Visit Australian National Security for more information including a suite of supplementary materials which contain specific information on weapons and tactics used by terrorists.

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