SA's 'Torrens to Torrens' South Rd upgrade ahead of schedule & under budget
SA's 'Torrens to Torrens' South Rd upgrade ahead of schedule & under budget T2T Alliance
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SA's "Torrens to Torrens" South Rd upgrade under budget and ahead of schedule. 

The State Government of South Australia in conjunction with The Federal Government has commenced two major upgrades of the main arterial road, Main South Road, which is the major connector between Adelaide's Northern and Southern Suburbs. A previous upgrade which was the 3km "Superway" over Grand Junction and Cormack Roads was completed in 2014 at a cost of $842 Million and took 4 years to complete. The main goal of all of these upgrades has been to reduce the number of major intersections which cause great congestion during peak periods.


The "Torrens to Torrens" (Torrens Road to River Torrens Project) upgrade is nearing completion. When completed this will provide a 4km non-stop passage along South Road, eliminating 4 major intersections and creating an overpass for the Outer Harbour rail line. 


At current progress, the project is expected to come under budget and be completed ahead of Schedule. There has been an estimated $95 Million in saving bringing the revised total spend to $801 Million. The estimated completion date is now September 2018 which is approximately 3 months ahead of schedule. These savings have been achieved by utilising new construction methods and not having to move an electrical substation.


One of those construction methods was the use of a very large crane to move massive pre-assembled bridge sections into place so that motorist could use the existing road without lengthy delays as the bridge was built in position.





This project has been jointly funded by the Federal and State Governments, both committing to half of the costs.

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