Mega battery in SA makes $1M Profit in just a few days
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In a previous article, we reported how entrepreneur and visionary Elon Musk came to the aid of South Australia and its highly problematic power supply.

The series of events began when SA experienced a statewide blackout in September 2016. Shortly after this event Musk tweeted that he would be willing to work with the government and promised to solve this problem. Taunted by a fellow high profile tweeter he then made the promise that if he could not deliver the worlds largest lithium battery to the state within 100 days, then they could have it for free.

True to his word, the Telsa owner delivered the battery system in November 2017 well within the 100 days he imposed on himself. Almost immediately the battery was called upon to save the day. When SA's major coal planted tripped on December 14, the massive battery cut in within milliseconds to maintain power to the affected South Australian homes. It is rumored that the battery stepped in so fast that operators at the coal plant did not even realise they had a problem initially.

Tesla teamed up with French renewable energy company, Neon, to provide an adjacent wind farm which is connected to the Tesla Lithium Battery system and this provides the power to the batteries. Out of the systems 100MW/129MWhr capacity 70MW/39MWhr is reserved for the South Australian Government and 30MW/90MWhr is under NEON control and can be sold on the wholesale market. Figures provided to Renew Economy show it was able to sell that power at around $14,000/MWhr on January 18 & 19 with hardly any cost associated to its generation.

While the system had its detractors when it was announced, it seems that it has already proven useful and will allow SA to load balance during summer months, avoiding the rolling blackouts that South Australians have had to endure during peak demand.

If you're interested in the ups and downs of Elon Musk then here is a link to an interesting infographic on his life



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