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Australian GovLink is published bi-annually with a purpose to promote and review major initiatives in local, state and commonwealth government departments and to encourage the principles of progress through partnerships between the private sector and government.

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SA's "Torrens to Torrens" South Rd upgrade under budget and ahead of schedule.  The State Government of South Australia in conjunction with The Federal Government has commenced two major upgrades of the main arterial road, Main South Road, which is the…
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  Is it a train? Is it a bus? Well, it’s kind of both. Developed by Chinese rail transit firm CRRC, the smart bus or Autonomous Rail Rapid Transit (ART) can be thought of as a train/tram that is able…
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How electric cars can help save the grid Mark Andrich, University of Western Australia and Jemma Green, Curtin University Just think of it as a battery that can also take you to the shops. Steve Jurvetson/Wikimedia Commons, CC BY A…
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  Flying cars may be one step closer after the news that Dubai will be launching the world’s first hover-taxis as early as July this year. A hover-taxi was on display during the World Government Summit in Dubai earlier this…
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  The IPA Transport Metric – released by Uber and Infrastructure Partnerships Australia today, demonstrates that the right type of data can help build smarter cities. “The IPA Transport Metric shows that the future is here and that we can…
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  A new hydrogen-powered train received a lot of interest at the recent InnoTrans Trade Fair in Berlin last month. InnoTrans in an international trade fair for transport technology which was a fitting setting to showcase what could be the…
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  Ride-booking services such as Uber can now operate legally in Queensland under changes to the personalised transport regulation which were rolled out in early September. Regulation changes also aim to level the playing field for taxi and limousine drivers…
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  Self-driving taxis have recently been launched on public roads in Singapore. According to the company behind them, nuTonomy, they are the first self-driving vehicles to be available to the public in the world. Although still in the testing phase,…
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